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Strong Relationships Lead To A Healthy Generational Pipeline

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Families who successfully pass the second and third generational torch place a high value on leadership education and fostering healthy relationships for all its members, young and old alike. They know that family bench strength is measured, in part, by their ability to cultivate strong family relationships that will endure. They want the family to stay close and not yield to family pressures, conflicts or patterns that interfere with the larger aims. They know the importance of asking hard questions, and seeking answers together, that help ensure family cohesion, confidence and generational continuity.

ICL’s ‘Assess-Act-Advance’ retreat approach helps these multi-generational family members strengthen relationships and build a healthy generational pipeline. Our retreats combine relevant, growth-oriented and fun activities that respond to the ever-changing and evolving family leadership and team development needs.

ICL helps families effectively manage their streams of continuity and change. Understanding how and what each family member thinks, learns and cares deeply about is essential for transitioning into a new phase and for inspiring new philanthropic expressions and business possibilities, generation after generation.

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Providing multi-generations with face-to-face relationship building and learning opportunities is critical. Family members coming together to assess, act, and advance together accomplishes several important things that lead to an increased quality of relationships and the overall efficacy of the family business. Our retreats allow families to:

  • Experience a change of pace and focus that provides refreshed perspective
  • Discover that their strength lies in fully tapping into the diversity of talents/resources/perspective of its membership
  • Better understand that there are many possible approaches to address whatever issues and challenges beset them
  • Learn new ways of informing, connecting and empowering each other

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