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Assess. Action. Advance.

ICL is credited with pioneering and advancing the experiential learning model, now a mainstream learning tool for leadership and team development. We realized early on that the greatest learning is achieved by thinking, acting and advancing. By tapping into the intellectual, emotional, physical, relational, and creative realms, our clients discover better outcomes.

Every client comes to us with a unique set of challenges or goals. We consider each client’s culture, current realities, strategic direction and issues of interest, and then we customize our programs and methodology to maximize results and to accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Our mission every day is for individuals and teams to have deep learning experiences, achieve their goals and strengthen their organizations by creating healthy and high-performing cultures.

We apply experiential learning to our programs including: leadership development, team building and organizational development. Whether the program is on a ropes course, at an art museum or in a conference room, we develop experiences with results that go beyond classroom.

Results Oriented

ICL is commitment to impact and evaluation. Consider us a learning lab that visibly tests theoretical learning models in real time. We use client feedback, plus quantitative and qualitative evaluation strategies to measure impact on individual growth, team performance, organizational effectiveness and societal change.

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