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More than 100,000 individuals from more than 500 organizations from around the country and the world have realized positive outcomes from our programs and services. Here’s what some of them have to say about how ICL have helped them realize their goals.

“You reinforced the message that effective leadership is really about interpersonal actions among people and not so much about formal authority. Your mission at ICL speaks to our efforts to get students to think of themselves as members of a community where their actions, good or bad, affect those around them.”
– Thomas A. Conklin, Ph.D., Professor, Gannett College

“ICL always gives our teams the right amount of knowledge, challenge and applied learning. This is a great approach to supporting our dedicated service staff and department teams in reaching their goals. Even more, our team success equals client success, and to us, that is the real achievement.”

“We first began to utilize experiential leadership training in the United Kingdom… We value ICL’s integrity and commitment in supporting our employee development goals. – Lisa Wynne Sutton, General Labor Manager”

“At Applied Industrial Technologies, our goal is to create “Jubilant Customers”….whereby we create so much value, they would not think of buying from anyone else. That is exactly the way our training staff feels about ICL. Your due diligence is evident, the training design is appropriately challenging at many levels, and the talented ICL facilitators make important and powerful links to support our learning aims. We look forward to continuing our association with ICL and the talented people who represent it.” – Janis R. Wirt, Manager Career Development

“200+ of our management and supervisory employees participated in ICL training. I appreciate how well versed and knowledgeable ICL is in the business arena.” – Michael L. Pacquette, Training Manager

“As you know, I have become a real enthusiast in implementing an experiential leadership development approach. Managers, production employees, office and clerical staff have all benefited in their respective work teams, and personally. I believe that ICL experiential training methods helps teams who are faced with high interdependence improve their group skills and understanding. ICL is an effective revitalizer at critical points in the group’s life cycle. I look forward to future joint ventures. You dedication to ensuring well-executed trainings is evident.” – Carol A. Pasmore, Manager, Employee Relations

“Professionally, I admire the way you set up the experiential learning exercises, the tone and pace of the activities, the degree which you pursued issues, and the sort of ancillary appreciation you have of our environment. There are a myriad of other praises I have for ICL, but for brevity’s sake, let me say that you provided me with on of the richest work experiences I have had in the training and development field.” – Cynthia Forman, Human Resources

“Our students consistently rate the work of ICL as first class. We are always excited to partner with ICL to develop leadership / management skills in our undergraduate and graduate students. Bottom line, ICL does great work.” – Scott J. Allen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management, Boler School of Business

“Both sessions were highly engaging; deepening our leadership and influence skills go a long way in building healthy communications and efficient ways of working together.” – CJ Murphy, Manager of Talent Development

“Every year we give to ICL 70 people who have just recently met, and after 8 hours, ICL gives us back a “class.” Not only have they worked as a team, but they have learned much about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The experience is an integral part of Leadership Cleveland’s Opening Retreat….for the past 27 consecutive years!” – Deb Schoonover, Program Director

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