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A Leader in Leadership Development

Based in Northeast Ohio, Institute for Creative Leadership (ICL) is one of the most respected training organizations in the country. If you’re looking to grow leadership skills, enhance team building, accelerate orientation for new hires, create cultural competence or push boundaries, our programs deliver an immediate and profound impact on relationships, behavior and businesses practices.


Team BuildingWe’re credited with pioneering and advancing the experiential learning based model, now a mainstream tool for team and leadership development. We built the first high-level challenge course in Ohio and creatively used it as a powerful tool for personal and group discovery and growth. Today, our programs take place in several types of environments, many in the beautiful, culturally diverse area of University Circle.

Led by our motivated, highly acclaimed facilitators, participants engage in innovative indoor and outdoor experiential and organizational development methods in an active and creative format. Purposeful, engaging and theme-driven activities prompt:

  • Self/group initiative
  • Bold thinking
  • Rich discussions
  • Relevant application
  • Meaningful enjoyment

More than 100,000 individuals from more than 500 organizations from around the country and the world have realized positive outcomes from our programs and services. We’ve facilitated programs in 26 states and out of the country. A majority of our clients have been with us in a variety of partnerships for 5-25 years.

Our programs are customized and specialized per client and can take place on site at your business or off site—we make regular use of more than 100 different learning environments, including:

  • Certified learning environments
  • Natural learning environments
  • Creative learning environments related to specific programs

Our Mission

Through experiential learning methods and a human-centric approach, our mission is to strengthen leadership and team skills that support business values, relationships, issues of interest and direction.

Our Vision

That people and organizations understand that they need each other to learn, relate, grow and change.


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