A View From The Peak: Celebrating 43 Years of ICL

marciWhether you experienced the 60’s in real-time — or saw it on a video — you would agree that it was a time of great challenge and change. ICL was founded as a response to those cultural upheavals of the 60’s.

ICL’s early, visionary leaders were committed to building leaders differently. Holistic learning methods that integrated indoor/outdoor physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and relational were applied. Out-of-your-seat-and-office training both awakened and excited people.  Leaving “hum drum” board room and table top training behind, we changed the face of training for the better for over 100,000 people and 500 organizations/departments here, there, and everywhere.

Forty-two years into our progress, ICL pioneered and advanced the concept of experiential leadership development; it is now a mainstream learning tool for leadership, team development, and diversity/cultural competence.

Our clients have come to expect relevant, engaged, learning experiences that are results-oriented.

ICL has a high degree of credibility in working across all sectors (corporate, family wealth, civic engagement, educational and nonprofit organizations). ICL’s unique programming, techniques, and facilitation have made a notable difference in the quality of leadership and team development.

Like good teams everywhere, ICL continues to evolve and reach for new heights.  And enjoy the view in the process.